Photo: George and Claudia Photography

Photo: George and Claudia Photography

Elegant and meaningful gifts for when you and your client say “I do.”


Gifting in the wedding industry is unique. Time after time, I am touched by the level of service and the personal touch that so many wedding professionals provide to their couples. That being said, gifting follows suit. Working with a couple who is on their way to the aisle is a lot like making a love match.  There is a rush of euphoria when you create a client connection, and you can capture that feeling when you give a gift of sentiment.  Not only does client gifting support positive relationships, it also inspires your own personal brand experience.  A gift, when done well, evokes a feeling, and shows your couples that you adore them for trusting you with one of the most important days of their lives.   

For so many wedding professionals, a wedding day is so much more than design and logistics – each one is a work of art. The most frequent challenge I hear is knowing what and how to gift.  From packaging to contents, we will work with you to customize, style, and ship your gifts. 



First impressions are everything.  The packaging of your gift should never be overlooked, as it builds the excitement and wonder of what’s inside.  It also conveys the message of quality to your client.  It should reflect your brand logo and color palette.  From ribbon to gift tags, we will work with you to customize your gift to perfection.




Your gift should be one that reflects the values of your personal brand, and keeps you top of mind, even beyond the wedding day. About the goods – the items you choose should complement your brand aesthetic, and be meaningful to the bride and groom.  Gifting vow journals to a traditional bride and groom, who don’t plan to write their vows, won’t work.  Knowing your client is important, and we can support you in finding just the right gifts to share your own meaningful message. 



Finishing Touches

The icing on the cake is your handwritten card.  We offer a variety of cards – hand calligraphed or design-based. Your words bear the message and feeling of your gift as you embark on this new partnership.  We will write your personal message in each card, packed with care and ready for delivery. 


Let us charm you and your clients; email for a custom styling session. 

Nicole Rizzo