The Charmed Art of Gift Giving

A Charmed Life: to live with wonder, grace, and joy.

Each year, Early November + December mark the start of "holiday frenzy."  Amidst the hustle, we often find ourselves forgetting the true magic and meaning of gift giving.  We're sharing our three rules to gift well this season.

Handwritten Note

The heart of your gift.  The note itself can be long or short and sweet, but this gesture is imperative in making a gift meaningful and magical. 


What are the items your loved ones would never splurge on for themselves?  An elegant take on something they use daily?  Stationery, candles, barware... whatever it may be, well-crafted goods bring a special kind of joy to our everyday lives.  Avoid giving just anything for the sake of giving. 


Creativity is key:  presentation can turn a gift into a true experience.  It represents the time and thought behind your gesture, yet it doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive.  A handmade gift tag and a graceful ribbon can make any gift memorable.  

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